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Document Management for Small Teams - Part 1: SIMPLE

Posted by Monique Garrett on May 12, 2017 9:54:56 AM

by: Bruce Salkovitz

Simple, Secure, Compliant.

Small life sciences teams produce and manage a great deal of R&D documentation. Their development partners and other external resources add to this content throughout the R&D lifecycle. This documentation represents years of time, effort and money and it is incredibly valuable. It should be managed and protected like any other important asset.

But traditionally, small teams have had to wrestle with document management solutions that were built for larger teams. These solutions typically require customization, long implementation projects and an existing IT infrastructure. 

What they really need is a solution that is… SIMPLE, SECURE and COMPLIANT.

This series of blogs will discuss what this means and how small companies can have the capabilities they require without the burden of a large, complex and expensive solution.

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